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Theatre of Blood (HM) - OSRS


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Would you like to play with our Sherpas on your own account or have our team play for you? A learner raid will be completed at a much slower pace, we will take the raid slow teaching each mechanic along the way.
These raids will be completed as 4 man raids, you will keep all the items/loot obtained during the service!

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Theatre of Blood (Hard Mode)

Old School RuneScape

Buy Theatre of Blood (Hard Mode) OSRS Raid Completion – Old School RuneScape

The Theatre of Blood (Hard Mode) is the second challenge mode raid released in Old School RuneScape, featuring bosses like Verzik, Bloat and Soteseg. The rewards from Theatre of Blood OSRS Raid include the Scythe of Vitur, Rapier, Justiciar Armor and Sanguinesti Staff! Unlock additional cosmic rewards like Sanguinesti Kits, Holy Kits, and Sanguine Dust!

Considered to be one of longest grinds in OSRS, it can take hundreds of hours to obtain all the unique rewards. There are several combat achievements that require completions under a certain time limit or perfect execution of mechanics.

Our Sherpas are here to lend a helping hand! Not everyone has the free time to spend countless hours or even months to obtain all the Theatre of Blood Hard Mode rewards. Let our Sherpas do the heavy lifting for you so you can start playing RuneScape with your new loot today!

Theatre of Blood Hard Mode

Theatre of Blood Hard Mode OSRS Requirements and Order Options


  • You must have 80 Base Stats
  • You must have a good melee weapon (Blade of Saeldor, Abyssal Tentacle Whip or Scythe of Vitur)
  • You must have a good range weapon (Twisted Bow, Bow of Faerdhinen, Toxic Blowpipe)
  • You must have Dragon Warhammer or Bandos God Sword
  • You must have the necessary potions, arrows, runes and other supplies to complete the run.
  • Must have near best in slot gear if purchasing Combat Achievements

Order Options:

This Theatre of Blood Hard Mode service is done in a standard fashion as a 4-man raid. Our Sherpas will login to your account and complete the Theatre of Blood Raids for you. If you are interested in a remote service (we login to your account on your PC/IP) using a service like TeamViewer or you don’t quite meet the requirements,  please enter live chat for a custom quote!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Will I keep all the rewards/loot obtained during the service?

Yes! Your account will keep everything obtained during the duration of the service, including Raid unique loot and the standard drops.

How long will this Theatre of Blood Hard Mode OSRS service take to complete?

We aim to have any service ordered completed with 24 hours, however this does depend on the amount of raids purchased. Large orders may be completed of a period of several days.

If I order a service how do I know you won’t mess with my account?

This is a very common and fair question that we get asked often.

We are a legitimate website with thousands of completed orders over many years and reviews from many real, satisfied customers just like you, but don’t take my word for it. Here are reviews from some of our most recent customers:

At the end of the day, we know that you providing your account to us to complete something for you takes a lot of trust and we take that very seriously, with a 100% guarantee that any damage to your account as a result of your work with us will be fixed entirely out of our pocket. For further peace of mind and accountability, we do encourage that you change your password to a temporary one for any service you receive and change it back after. We also ask that any unnecessary wealth be taken of your RuneScape account before a service is ordered.

If I order a service how will I know when you are signing on?

Sherpas will aim to contact through text assuming regions are suitable, otherwise we will contact you at your email. As such it is highly recommended to include both and make sure they are up to date.

For any other questions feel free to contact us or ask one of our live chat attendants who will be happy to assist you