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OSRS Agility Pyramid Laps

Agility Pyramid OSRS

The Agility Pyramid, also known as the Jaleustrophos Pyramid is an Agility training area located in the Kharidian Desert, between Sophanem and Nardah, available to players with level 30+ Agility.

On this course players start at the bottom of a pyramid with the goal of reaching the top, where they are able to collect the pyramid top. Before reaching the top, players will have to successfully traverse each of the five layers of the pyramid. These layers are filled with obstacles however, forcing the player back to the previous layer upon failing to pass them.

Pyramid tops may be handed in to Simon Templeton in exchange for 10,000 coins. The pyramid top will respawn when the player enters the doorway at the top of the pyramid. This service is for buying sets of 100 laps, every 100 laps completed will reward you 1M GP for your Ironman account!

Our Sherpas are here to lend a helping hand! Not everyone has the free time to spend countless hours farming GP at the Agility Pyramid. Let our Sherpas do the heavy lifting for you so you can start playing RuneScape with your new gold today!

Agility Pyramid OSRS
The Agility Pyramid

Agility Pyramid Requirements and Order Options


  • You must have level 30+ Agility
  • You must have waterskins

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This Agility Pyramid OSRS service is done in a standard fashion. Our Sherpas will login to your account and complete the unlock for you.

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